Monday, July 02, 2007

Wedding Revelations

Ok so these may not be a big deal to any of you but I am a believer that no realizations come to me on accident. Therefore I have to acknowledge the weight of them when they are received. This is my attempt toward doing just that.

1. I don't think I would be a good wedding photographer unless it were outside. I prefer the more natural settings and lighting to the dormant steps of the typical chapel.

2. I cry at weddings. I don't think there has been a single wedding that I have attended or been a part of that I don't cry. Even if I don't know them well. It's just the whole idea of marriage that makes me weepy.

3. I believe that love can last. Although I am a child of divorce, I still believe that love can withstand time and trouble so I intend to prove it in my own life.

4. A lot of people can't dance. Being able not to dance is ok, its just funny looking.

5. There are a lot of pregnant people out there. There were at least 10 involved with this wedding.

6. Friends prove themselves in the most unlikely circumstances. 2 ladies I have known for over a year really blessed me this week by their presence and unexpected friendship. Thanks Lindsey and Callie.

7. I hate going to weddings without Nathan. At the reception there is a lot of slow dancing. I never realized that until I was left to attend one by myself.

8. Inevitably things will go wrong at weddings but it's how you handle the changes that makes or breaks the moment.

9. I still don't like cake.

10. As the mother-son dance was taking place at the reception, it suddenly hit me that one day I might very well be dancing with Jaxon for the same purpose. My little baby might get married someday. It was as if someone pressed fast forward in my life and there we were giving him away. This one freaked me out.


Dad said...


Now you are begining to see or feel how fathers (at least, this one) felt about their daughters wedding day.
My little girl is moving on with another man, sniff, sniff.
You were absolutely beautiful that day. The sun sparkled your blue eyes like I never before.
I was all I could do to hold it ALL in.

Dawn Marie said...

OK, now THAT (Dad's comment) made ME cry!!!

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