Monday, August 13, 2007

Is it possible?

Ok so I seem to have a huge problem leaving messages on my friends' cell phones. Several times as I am talking the voice mail system will cut me off. Its not even like I am talking too long. It goes like this , " Hey Lori, I...." and the machine says, " Press one if you would like to send the current message or press 3 if you would like to re-record." Sometimes I don't even get the courtesy of starting over again and I only hear, "Goodbye." It is so frustrating.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was sharing this frustration with my husband ( who I miss like crazy right now- haven't seen or spoken too in 8 days). He mentioned that it could be the tonal quality in my voice. By that he mean't that I was triggering the voice mail system by the tones in my voice to function as if I were pressing a button. Basically my voice sounds like pushing a number on a cell phone. I shirked this idea off as absurd but the same thing happened to me yesterday on my friend's cell.

So I am beginning to it possible that I sound like a phone dial?

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MOM said...

Can a voice sound like a dial tone? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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