Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quick Post

Ok so I know I promised a marriage retreat recap and it is coming but I know myself well enough to know that it will take a while to type out/think through. I have been asked/told to be a better steward of my time lately and stop doing and start resting as this pregnancy thing has really taken me out the last few weeks.

Yesterday we saw baby #2's heart beat and little peanut shape. Everything there is just perfect and they measured me at 8 weeks and 3 days along in the prego journey placing my due date at April 4th. So baby is good! Me however they are a little concerned about. I have lost 7lbs this week and I can't keep any food and sometimes even fluids down. They suggest that I go into the ER for hydration if that continues over the period of 24 hours straight. So I am trying to prevent a trip to the ER and the only way I know how is to lay down. Even sitting makes me sick. Any movement makes me run to the sink or toilet every hour or so. The only time I have the option to rest with is during Jaxon's nap. So what use to be my blog and email time has become my "lay down and try not to throw up for a few hours" time.

So anyway, if you have a few extra, throw some prayers our way. Nathan has been the most amazing husband during this time and I know he is worried about me so pray that he too will have extra patience and continue being willing to help out A LOT!!

To bed I go....

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bonnie said...

Prayers for good health in the process. Love you guys!

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