Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sea World photos

Here are just some of the pictures taken at Sea World on Friday and Sat. We spent from 10 am-2 or 3pm each day and managed to catch it all! Below are some of the highlights.

Day one highlights:
1. Dolphin show- my personal favorite.
2. Jaxon wanted to see the penguins 100 times.
3. Cat, dog, pig and duck show was really entertaining.
4. The misters- they spray at random areas in the park to keep us from passing out.
5. Mama's Kitchen- healthy alternatives food spot.
6. Jaxon's fascination with the roller coasters.
7. Huge Turtles.

Day two highlights:
1. Jaxon met cookie monster. He just kept hugging him.
2. Polar bears, Walrus's and Beluga Whales OH MY!!
3. Frozen Lemonade- YUM!
4. Shamu/ Killer whales- so beautiful.
5. Jaxon loves the misters
6. Jaxon and mommy touch Bat Rays in the touch tank! Woo hoo!
7. Island Eats apparently means chicken nuggets and fries for lunch.
8. Elmo puts on a show and Jaxon beams! (he has never seen Sesame Street but loves the characters)
9. Jaxon passes out in the car after 10 minutes of driving.
10. Rain storms galore on the way home from Orlando.

All in all a great trip! Thanks again mom for enjoying these moments with us!


Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun!!!I have never been to Sea World, and I am dieing to go! I love all of the dolphin shows and things like that. I love the show in Chicago at the Shed Aquarium. It is Awesome. I'm sure the one at Sea World is better though.

The Herrenbrucks said...

Jaxon is looking so grown up. What a doll. I bet he had a blast! Hope you guys are super. :)

Cherie <> said...

I agree, the dolphin show was my favorite too :). The penguins provided comic relief :). We did the dolphin feeding as well and that was very fun to get so close you could touch them! Shamu and her baby were awesome to watch! The turtles were very emotional for my family though. My younger cousin that passed away in December loved turtles, so they reminded us of him. Glad you guys had fun! Good to have you back :).

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