Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Book Review: Sex God by Rob Bell

I just finished reading the book Sex God by Rob Bell. It is built on the premise that there are endless connections between spirituality and sexuality. Throughout the book it talks about our desire and design toward relationships and how that is unquestionably tied to our desire and design for intimacy with God (and God with us.) There were some unique picture images used that described his theories really well. Despite all the controversy that surrounded this book there was nothing blasphemous or deviant about it. It was quite tender and vulnerable and a very open and honest look at the human "innards." Over all I enjoyed the read. The ending however was a little abrupt and it left you hanging with no sense of closure or conclusion. Here are a few of my underlined parts of the book.

- "One of the marks of someone who has experienced significant growth in their soul is their ability to live in the midst of tension."

-" Life is not about toning down and repressing your God-given life force. It's about channeling it and focusing it and turning it loose on something beautiful, something pure and true and good, something that connects you with God, with others, with the world"

-"Jesus always chooses the path of love, not power."

- "The danger is that in reaction to the abuses and distortions of an idea, we'll reject it completely. And in the process miss out on the good of it, the worth of it, the truth of it."

- "Agape doesn't love somebody because they are worthy. Agape makes them worthy by the strength and power of it's love."

-"We can be pulled into our futures." (This idea requires a read of the sixth chapter- really powerful.)

Go out and read it for yourself! Its a great way to focus on associating and applying our hearts and their design to our spiritual life.


cheryl glenn said...

Hey there, Bethany! I stumbled back upon your blog again and loved getting to read some of your posts. Your story from Walmart is priceless! From the mouths of babes, right? Amazing.

Would love to catch up with you. Email me anytime!

*The Blogstar said...

great book. i am reading it again.

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