Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Can you own your life?

Last night I was taking some "me" time at the local coffee shop. As usual I had to make trips to the bathroom quite often. One of the adds in the restroom caught my eye and got me thinking. It's tag line/pitch was "You can own your life." My Christian response was, "no I can't." But as I allowed myself to let that phrase sink further I started to see just one of the reasons this whole Jesus thing is not appealing to our culture. We are taught to believe that we CAN own our life. We are taught that what we get is all a result of what we do or are willing to do to get it. But Jesus' message that the only way we can gain life is to lose it just throws people off. Its backwards. It's "wrong." The message in the bathroom is more applicable, more logical, more tangible. Even I am drawn to the message that I could own my life. But I know better. Guess I won't be checking out the website on the bathroom add but I am sure many do.

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