Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fantasy Line up

Nathan just did this on his blog but I thought it was such a great idea that I copied.

Here is my Fantasy Football line-up for the NFL 2007-2008 season.
QB Carson Palmer
QB Rex Grossman
WR Donald Driver
WR Santana Moss
W/R Jerricho Cotchery
RB Brian Westbrook
RB Deuce McAllister
TE Tony Gonzalez
TE Heath Miller
K Adam Vinatieri
DEF New England
DEF Seattle

Nathan and I go head to head this week so we will see who comes out on top. Technically we are on the same side/team in the league but a little home grown competition usually takes place each year as well. I will be sure to let you know how the stats fall after opening weekend!


NastyPredator said...

Hi there -- sorry I'm posting this right here (couldn't find your e-mail address).

I have been deeply inspired by your blog and now have started to write my own. I would be happy to have a few regular readers and therefore ask you if we could do a "link exchange"?

Please let me know whether you are interested. I live in Switzerland and am excited to find out if I can join the English speaking bloggers' community.



my blog is (the design is constantly improved :-) )

Bethany Gaddis said...

Well Nasty. No offense but your name isn't all that inviting. Kinda freaks me out. Not sure I want to click on a link with that name in its title either. Maybe I am assuming too much but maybe you ought to consider changing your name to be less threatening.

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