Monday, September 03, 2007

Marriage Retreat part 2: The people

Ok so now for part two in this seemingly endless journey through my marriage retreat experience last weekend: the people. If you remember my post before I left I was fighting the urge to be disappointed by some of the couples dropping out at the last minute. I had to adjust my expectations to trust that God had the people there that needed to be there. Man alive, did he blow my mind with how wonderful this smaller group turned out to be. It was awesome. Besides Nathan and I and the 4 counselors, 5 couples attended.

First is Todd and Betsy Hendricks. They are transplants from Indiana and one of the first couples we met when we moved to Naples over 2 years ago. They have two daughters Ellie (2 1/2) and Josie (16 months). Todd loves basketball and play station while Betsy is a shabby chic decorator and can design the most beautiful/ornate jewelry and cakes. The have become two of my favorite people as we have walked up mountains and through valley's with them daily since our first meeting. We share birthdays, swim lessons, a love for sports, food, homes, everything. They have truly been there for us since the beginning and this marriage retreat just wouldn't have been as great without them there to keep us accountable and to laugh with. Love you guys! Next is Blake and Tara Crawford. They have three girls: Brooklyn (9) Avery (5 1/2) and Peyton (3) We met them several months after our move to FL when we decided to start our own home group BLG. Recently our friendship has really taken root with them as Nathan and Blake share paint ball dreams and Tara spoils me with her nurturing and unconditional love. She is the queen of cards and gifts and he is a teddy bear that is always ready to lend a helping hand. They have been an incredible resource for us when we don't know how to make something happen and they have been huge supporters in our lives. They were the hosts of the retreat and they bared the weight of all the planning and arrangements. They are passionate people with love oozing from every facet of their lives. We adore this family! Love you guys!

Tomorrow I will blog about the three couples that attended that I didn't know as well before the retreat. They really rocked my world with coolness!

PS sorry, I have to blog in spurts...low energy these days.


Anonymous said...


Blake sent us your blog address. I read your recap of the retreat and "you got me!" Joy and I are excited to see what God is up to in your community of couples. Our prayer is that He bears fruit in your lives that remains! Hope all is well with the pregnancy.

We enjoyed getting to know all you guys!

Scott and Joy

One Busy Mom said...

good stuff

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