Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Marriage Retreat part 2: The people... continued

Second is Jon and Amanda Erdman. I met this couple by working with the youth group. They teach BLGs on Saturday night too. They are amazing! They have been married almost 2 years and when they first met, Amanda did not like Jon because he was too cocky. Jon started pursuing Amanda months later as soon as he found out she was a Razorback fan. They had a beautiful beach wedding right here in Naples. Amanda is a teacher with the sweetest heart on the planet. Jon works with an engineering company and coaches swimming in his quiet leadership way. I can't say enough about these two. I have watched them serve, pour out, and love in so many ways and at so many times that I am inspired by their example. They recently went to Peru with the youth group as well. During this weekend they were honest and vulnerable and so willing to be open to what God had for them during the retreat. I look forward to many more memories with this special couple. Love you guys!

Last but not least is Kyle and Callie Strom. They have been married two months. I took pictures at their wedding but that is not how we met. I met Callie working in the youth group too. She was one of the ladies who volunteered for a mentoring program we used to do with the girls. From there we connected on so many levels even to the point that she started babysitting Jaxon every other week so I could go to an adult BLG. Our friendship grew and Kyle was present during most of it so he became a part of our family too. They even gave up a perfectly good Sat morning to come to Jaxon's 2nd birthday pool party. It was official how special they were right then! Then their wedding came along and I was invited to a night with the girls- what a blast for a stay at home mom!! These two people are truly special. Callie is gentle but strong, a women who knows what she wants and who she is and will settle for nothing less. Kyle is so funny! He is a crazy dancer and can sing the lyrics to almost any rap or pop song I have ever heard. During the retreat I really admired their willingness to sit in a room with all of us married and sometimes burned out couples hashing out our frustrations in effort to change. They are so brave! All in all this is a couple that I know we will be growing even closer to in the future. They have so many exciting things coming their way and I thank God for crossing our paths so that maybe we can help return some of the blessing they have brought to our lives. Love you guys!

Isn't this the most amazing group that could have been there!? I am so blessed by the deepening and renewing of friendships that this weekend brought to my life.

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MOM said...

And then there was Bethany and Nathan Gaddis. They have been married for a while now - let's see, Jaxon will be 3 in March so I think it's 4 years! They both serve the youth in many ways, went to Africa to build two houses for orphaned children, love on their friends and families, are servants and loyal friends. What a great couple. They are honest to the utmost and willing to be honest with themselves and dig into the sore spots to improve their marriage and themselves. I just love them to pieces. Plus, they are the parents of my grandchildren!

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