Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Me vs Walmart Photo Center (vs Jesus)

Ok so I have been battling the Walmart Photo Center for weeks now over one 8x10 copy of our Marriage Retreat attendees. It has been so frustrating. Usually I am very patient...aka a doormat and don't complain at all. But something about throwing up 3-4 times a day everyday but still making myself get out of the house to battle the photo center staff and management 4 times in 2 weeks has pushed me to my limit. The other day- I talked back! I fought back is more like it. I expressed my pissed off state firmly and promised I would never use their photo center again b/c this was the kind of ignorant customer service I was not willing to tolerate! I was somewhat proud of myself until Jaxon chimed in. As I am stomping my feet away from the photo center counter my son shouts, "Bye! Thank You!" followed by these words directed only to me, "Be nice to people. Jesus loves them."

Now if that doesn't just make a mother feel like crap I don't know what does. Why do I teach these moral lessons to my son when they seem to bite me in the butt?? ARGH!


MOM said...

You teach your son the ideal. But someday he will have to deal with WalMart and their photo center probably and we'll see what he does then!!! They can test the best of us all. (and they don't even care)

MOM said...

just ran across this:
While we try to teach our children all about life, they teach us what life is all about.
Angela Swindt

bonnie said...

Proverbs 21

Recovering said...

I laughed out loud. I think every parent has had this happen to them at least once. Great post. Thanks for the chuckle.

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