Friday, September 28, 2007

Not For Sale

A friend of mine sent me this email. Get involved!

Not For Sale was created to bring awareness of modern slavery all around the world, including the US. It's devastating to learn just how common human trafficking and sex slavery have become and many of us are completely unaware that it is happening in our own state. A recent statistic showed Atlanta has one of the highest rated cities for human trafficking in the US!

I encourage you to go and see this movie if it's playing in your area. It's difficult for me to watch movies with this kind of dramatic theme, but I really feel that we need to raise awareness about "slavery in our lifetime".

Check out the website and links below for more information. It will also show you ways to get involved if you're interested.
- Cheryl

Help us raise awareness about human trafficking!! September 28th is the opening date for the movie TRADE. Inspired by Peter Landesman's chilling NY Times Magazine story on the U.S. sex trade, "The Girls Next Door," TRADE is a thrilling story of courage and a devastating exposé of modern day slavery and human trafficking.

TRADE will be released in 25 cities starting this Friday (9.28). Help make "Trade" the most watched movie the first week of its release to push the film industry for a wide release.
Bring your family and friends to watch TRADE!

Watch the trailer. Click here to see the theatres showing TRADE in your town.

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