Monday, September 10, 2007


A while back I made a post about my photography being put up at a coffee shop in TN. A few weeks later I wrote to inform you that the shop was closing and that my prints were going to be shipped back to me. Well I got the prints yesterday but there was something amiss. One of my prints was missing. When I asked my husband if he knew where it could be or if the shop owner decided to keep one for herself he replied, "Surprise! She sold it!" I couldn't believe it. Apparently before the coffee place shut its doors, a gracious patron bought one of my prints... at full price! Wahoo! I can't tell you how ego boosting that is.

Thanks again Dawn for taking a chance on me. I hope this exhibit will be the first of many to come all over the place.

The picture shown is the print that sold in 11x14 size with a 16x20 matte and frame attached.


Dawn Marie said...

Ohhh... I was hoping to get the money to you BEFORE the prints, but that didn't happen! Yes, Congratulations!!!
I hope they arrived back to you safely? All glass unbroken??? Please... if they didn't... there is insurance on them through UPS, so be sure to make a claim if you need to.
Praise the Lord!! Hope you're feeling better too. Keep us updated, skinny!

Cherie <> said...

Brian and I would love to come take a look at the prints to see which one we'd like to buy from you. Just let us know when is best for you! I know things are crazy right now for you, so no rush but I want to get one of the prints before they're gone :)! Hope you are feeling better. I read somewhere that Vitamin B6 can help relieve morning sickness, so I just wanted to share that with you.

Bethany Gaddis said...

Hey Cheri! A few have already sold so just let me know when you can and we will set up a time to come by for a viewing!

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