Tuesday, October 16, 2007


For weeks I have been counting down the days until I get to leave this everyday mommy life I lead in Naples, FL for 6 days of husband and wife only city life in the BIG APPLE! Finally it's here!! I leave tomorrow. I should be beaming with smiles and have excited little butterflies in my stomach but I don't. Something changed this morning. It's been looming for a few days but it became official today. So instead of joy, I have tears. Yes I am getting to go on vacation with my husband- wahoo! But the bitter part of that sweetness is that when I leave for NY, it will be the last time I see my stepdad for a couple of months (Thanksgiving).

That may not sound like a big deal but let me fill you in. My mom and stepdad moved down here to live near us last DEC and for 10 months he has been on the lookout for a job. The market crashed in the meantime and instead of hiring, most companies were firing. So he has been living here without pay and that is not possible for long in Naples. A few days ago he was offered a job. That was encouraging but the bad news is that it is in Phoenix, AZ. After tossing the options back and forth he finally decided last night to go on a contract basis until the end of the year. If he likes it, my mom and he will move there permanently. If he doesn't then he will come back and stay during Christmas. Until then he is going alone. I hate that for him and for my mom but selfishly I hate that he is leaving me and Jaxon too. He has been such an amazing help since he has been here. With Nathan's schedule getting busier, me being so sick, and everything else that has gone on in 10 months he has stepped up big time as a huge support for me. Many times he will come and watch Jaxon so I can go to the doctor or to the grocery store, whatever the need may be. He has helped me with home projects and every Tuesday I get to watch him play softball with the guys. I love having him around and I am going to miss him terribly.

So tomorrow I leave for an amazing time with my hubby but also tomorrow I leave someone I love so dearly not knowing if things will return to what has become my "normal" for a long time. He flies out Monday morning to AZ so please keep him in your prayers. I want him to love his job I just wish it were closer to me (oh and my mom). Best of luck Bobert- we will miss you sooooo much.


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