Monday, October 08, 2007

JAXON'S favorite things

Like most kids, Jaxon gets into phases where he wants to do the same activities or play with the same toys everyday, almost all day. For a parent it gets boring after awhile but for a 2 1/2 year old it is endless entertainment until they are on to the next phase. I thought I might capture a few of the activities and toys Jaxon is into these days for all of you. Here is a window into our little world.

1. The Lion Bed: Since that night of the storm Jaxon is obsessed with hanging out in what he calls the lion bed. It use to be the futon mattress on the floor and his old comforter over our heads but after a few days of not being able to walk around in the guest room I had to find another way to make this space possible. So basically we built a mini tent that is now the lion bed. Here is a picture of Jaxon inside.
It takes a different shape everyday b/c it usually gets pulled down and replaced many times throughout our play inside. Basically we sit inside, close off the entrance and play with our flashlights, read books, sometimes he brings his pillow, blanket and Meow in and he asks me to sing to him. There are endless possibilities in a space like the lion's bed.

2. My guitar: This has become his sidekick. He removes it from my room every morning and totes it along with him everywhere he goes. He would take it outside if I would let him but I don't. Now the tuning is all messed up but he still strums as if it is a beautiful melody. Sometimes he pretends its a bass, or a cello and even sometimes a harp but most of the time its his guitar. He will write impromptu songs about the TV or the lion bed or whatever he finds inspiration from. Its cute but I get nervous something tragic might happen to my little gig maker eventually in all the hustle and bustle.

What are your kids into these days?

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Cherie <> said...

Aww, Jaxon keeps getting cuter (and smarter!) as he gets older. I can't wait to see how adorable your second will be! :)

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