Saturday, October 20, 2007


This trip has been awesome! Exactly what I needed. We have managed to maintain a “let fate take us where it would have us go” kind of attitude and that has made all the difference. This is a busy, fast paced town that is so full of life and variety. It is fun just to sit down and watch the people interact, talk on their cell phones, do what they do. The streets are always crowded and the energy is contagious. We are fully enjoying our time here. Here is a little recap of what we have been up to.

After the café we walked down to the subway station, bought our week long metro passes and got onboard. We rode from Queens to Midtown (about 20 minutes) and arrived at Rockefeller Center. We went straight to the top! We took the elevators as high as you can go and saw the city from what they call the “top pf the rock.” It was spectacular. Kind of smoggy but still amazing. We came down and took in the view of the famous ice skating rink (that we plan on skating while here sometime) at the center of Rockefeller. We wandered over to Time Square passing NBC studios, radio city music hall, MTV studios etc etc etc. There is a lot to take in at every corner. We found one of the 12 earth cams set up in Times Square and called one of our friends and my mom and told them to get online so they could see us live. It was cool. They said it worked but we have no idea what they could see b/c we were just standing in the street waving at a hidden web camera. Then we ate at TGI Friday’s b/c we couldn’t pick a place and that was nearby. We watched a guy dressed up as Freeddy Kreuger through our window scare people passing by and get tons of tips for taking pictures with others. It was entertaining. After lunch we ran into the infamous “naked cowboy.” I had never heard of him before but Nathan had. Basically he stands in the middle of Times Square with his guitar in nothing but his underwear. He has a huge tattoo of Jesus on his arm too! Great stuff! Then we wandered our way down 5th Ave shopping, the diamond district, and to St Patrick’s Cathedral. BEAUTIFUL church so rich in history and architectural eye candy. Then we saw the all glass apple store which Nathan had to take a picture in front of. Then into FAO Swartz we went for some time on the HUGE floor piano. That is sure to bring out the kid in you as you slide across the keys and they light up and play a tune! Then we walked over to Central Park for some down time. We laid in the grass, looked up at the skyline, talked to Jaxon on the phone and just chilled. Then we went back to Rockefeller Café for some dinner then back onto the subway and over to Serendipity for dessert. I ordered the famous frozen hot chocolate and Nathan got the Cinnamon Fun Sundae. Both were amazing and worth the 45 minute wait it took to get them. We were even sat at the famous table Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack did in the movie. It was fate. Then back on the subway to head home to Queens. Jason and Jess picked us up at the subway station and we spent some time talking with them about our awesome day. Off to bed by 12am.

I was going to try and recap Friday too but I figure that is enough to take in for today. Maybe later!

Off for more adventures in NY.

*Sorry for not having any photos yet. Blogspot isn't allowing me to upload any right now. They will come, though*

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