Friday, October 05, 2007

Times like these

Last night I had one of those memorable moments with my boys (Nathan, Jaxon and Bailey).

In a matter of 30 minutes the blue and sunset stroked skies of Naples, FL turned into a dark mixture of black sky, clouds, wind and rain. Then lightning began to strike and light up our house while the thunder rolled through our walls. Side note: our family loves lightning storms. In effort to take advantage of the mood from the night we turned out the lights and all gathered in the "lion cave" with our flashlights and some books (IE The Berenstein Bears and The Spooky Old Tree.) By the way, the lion cave is a comforter we all sit underneath like a tent. It's a lion cave and not a bear cave because for some reason when I growled from under the blanket Jaxon associated that with lions instead of a bear or a monster of some kind. We just go with it! Until bedtime we read stories and shared smiles. In those moments, as I looked around at my little family, I felt so blessed. I love my guys! Neither Nathan and I are feeling well (he has bronchitis and I am still prego) but for that passage of time we were all connected and I will never forget how precious that time was for all of us!

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