Thursday, October 11, 2007

What am I listening to?

Last night after I put Jaxon to bed I had some time to myself. Nathan hadn't returned from church yet so I took advantage of the quiet and decided to do something I never get to do...I browsed through the music scene on Itunes. Many of you do that every day but for someone who use to know great bands before they were added to any major radio station but now doesn't know the difference between Timberlake and Timbaland, it was a huge treat. Anyway, I stumbled across a song title that I caught on some commercial recently and I linked my way to the album of Ingrid Michaelson. Its called "Girls and Boys." I listened through a few songs and fell in love. With her music that is. Her single right now is called "The Way I Am." It is simplistic and quirky with the lyrics and I adore the melody. I also love a song she wrote to a syncopated piano rhythm called "Breakable." I haven't listened to the entire album but I have enjoyed what I was able to purchase with my Itunes gift card that has been getting dusty for almost a year! Anyway, go and check her out! She is worth a listen! Plus look at that album cover! I grew up with figurines like that on our table around Christmas! Did you?

PS- While I was at it, I rectified that whole Timberlake/Timbaland confusion.


Anonymous said...

Bethany - I'll comment because I too fell in love with this CD from the Old Navy Commercial. (The Way I Am). So much so that Ryan purchased the CD for me and brought it to me a work one morning! - Lindsey

Trish Dubes said...

She has great stuff! She was actually first featured on Grey's Anatomy last season with the song "Keep Breathing" (my personal favorite). If you like Ingrid, I'd also recommend Emiliana Torrini, Kelly Sweet & Gemma Hayes. Unrelated to Ingrid's style, also check out Emmy Rossum's EP (she's the actress from Phantom of the Opera) - it's very Imogen Heap-ish. She doesn't use hardly any instruments...just layers & layers of her voice. I really like it.

Trish Dubes said...

oh, and Kate Havnevik. I'm pretty sure you'll love her if you don't have her already.

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