Sunday, November 11, 2007

Catching up

This weekend we had the blessing of spending time with our friends from Nashville- Jason and Jennifer Barton. Friday we caught lunch before heading over to the condo they were staying in, for a couple of hours at the pool. Then we went home for Jaxon to take a nap and then later met the Barton's again at the church where 33 miles did a concert benefiting Big Life Ministries. It was a great show and Jaxon loved watching J-Jase in action.

33 miles invited my adorable husband up on stage to sing a song with them too! It was so great to see Nathan performing again. He is so talented! Now more than ever Jaxon realizes what a rock star his daddy is!

Anyway, it was great to see our old friends- I wish we lived close to do more of life with them on a daily basis but God has been gracious in bringing them out here a couple times since our move so that we can get our fix!

Great times!

1 comment:

bonnie said...

Nate was born to sing. This is really great ! 33 Miles will be doing a concert near our home next year. I'll have to put it on our calendar.

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