Friday, November 16, 2007

Coining a phrase

Not to be confused with mid-life crisis I have come up with a new phrase- Pre-life crisis.

Here is the defined difference.

Mid life crisis: a natural stage that happens to many at some point, usually at about age 40.

Midlife crisis can include:

  • Discontentment or boredom with life or with the lifestyle (including people and things) that have provided fulfillment for a long time
  • Feeling restless and wanting to do something completely different
  • Questioning decisions made years earlier and the meaning of life
  • Confusion about who you are or where your life is going
Pre life crisis: a natural stage that happens to many at some point. Age varies based on stage of life. Usually occurs when dreams, goals and thoughts of a personal future are put on indefinite hold to tend to more pressing matters. (IE women/men after having children, people with sick/dying family members to take care of, men/women having to forfeit career goals for meeting immediate financial needs of family etc.)

Prelife crisis may include:
  • Resentment toward children or family members for lack of purpose apart from them.
  • Feeling stifled, frustrated and on the brink of explosion if personal expression doesn't take place soon.
  • Wanting to experience life and break free from the ties that hold them back.
  • A strong desire to be irresponsible and immature as a break from the normal expected behavior of themselves.

I have met many people in the pre-life crisis stage. I have been known to reside there myself from time to time. I figured it was about time someone clinically acknowledge it. Why not me? Ha!


MOM said...

Can I experience both at the same time??????

bonnie said...

It is impossible to have all your dreams at once. So one must prioritize according to importance. One dream of many is the idea of a family and the joy of doing things together, watching your children grow. It is common for many to put other goals or dreams aside for a more important one. Sometimes one must break free for a day for themselves to ease the impatience and learn to have patience for the future.

Anonymous said...

Just read the news Bethany, haven't been checking blogs lately. A big congratulations and we can't wait to welcome the name! We watched Jaxon play the drums last night after church.. you are going to so much have fun with these 2 beautiful kiddos. Steve and Hope

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