Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bam Bam

In case you don't know this already, instead of going trick or treating door to door our church puts on a festival of sorts complete with game booths, rides, concerts and food! Its great entertainment for the kids and although there is candy given out at the game booths it is not the focus of the evening. Anyway, there never fails to be some difficulty for me on this night b/c I am basically left on my own b/c Nathan is working the stage while I manage the little one. The first year we attended he had just had shots that day and he was not at all in the mood to celebrate at 7 months old. Last year he got clothes lined by an older kid which put him in a sour mood the rest of the night. This year I was hopeful- plus I had my mom with me. Then it started to rain. Of course those of us who arrived on time got soaked. You will see in the pictures Jaxon is sopping wet- as Im sure you can imagine I was as well. The rest of the night, after it cleared up, he wore his coat to keep from shivering in his little Bamm Bamm outfit. It had a club (made out of paper sacks that shriveled in the cold and wet) and also a hat that blew off every few minutes so I just quit fighting that battle. Once the rain quit and we managed to warm up at least enough to stop the teeth from chattering Jaxon enjoyed the pony ride twice, a hay ride, and a duck pond game. I on the other hand devoured a funnel cake- my Halloween highlight each year. Then we topped the night off with Jaxon enjoying his first ever lollipop. He never stopped smiling. After we got home we popped some pop corn, changed out of our wet clothes/costume and snuggled up for some story time. I made it through another year- Thank God my kid is so cute that he makes it worth the struggle eh?

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MOM said...

Isn't he the most precious thing? Gosh, he's adorable. Must come from a long line of beautiful people :)

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