Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"It" has a name

Well we can no longer call the little peanut in my belly an "it" because this afternoon we found out "it" is a "she." Of course I started crying even though I knew it all along. If she looks anything like Jaxon, we will have a beautiful clan. All we need is the white picket fence and our picture is complete. Ha! They couldn't get any good pictures today b/c she was all bundled up so I have to go back in 2 weeks. But allow me to introduce you to our daughter Jovie Capri Gaddis anyway. She is due April 4th but they will likely schedule the C-section a week prior (March 28 or so). Guess we will have to have Jaxon's birthday party early this year (his is March 31st) as I will be in the hospital when he turns 3. Anyway, the planning begins. Wahoo!!


MOM said...

Blessed are we all to welcome her to our world. Maybe you could schedule delivery on Jaxon's birthday and then you only have to do one party a year! Exactly 3 years apart. That's cool. Beautiful people make beautiful children so she's bound to be gorgeous. Maybe she's a cuddler since she wanted to stay tucked up! I'm all over that!

Mark said...

So do those of us who guessed right get extra credit or something?

whittakerwoman said...

Ok so I really wanted to guess girl because I would really want a girl however I thought What if she has another boy and everyone says its a girl, she might get bummed. I know lame but for the record my gut said girl. I am so excited for you. They are the best! H

Cherie <> said...
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Cherie <> said...

I am so happy for you!!! Although, you'll have to have another or just play Paper, Scissors, Rock to make decisions ;). J/K...Now you will no longer be outnumbered by the boys, yay! :) And all of us will have a little girl to love and spoil! Too bad she can't come about 4 weeks early, my birthday is March 7 :). Well, anyways, when will you be having a baby shower? :)

Sorry about the deleted comment...I forgot to say I love her name! :)

Shannon said...

You just got tagged. Come on over to my site to play along

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! I am happy for you and Nathan. Life could not bring a better person a more loving treat. And I cannot pronounce the name.

It's good to you're each healthy and doing so well.

I think of you often. In His Name, Donnetta

Jordan & Bethany said...

I'm SO excited!! She will be beautiful!! Jaxon is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen, so I know Jovie will be amazing!

We love you guys! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Your grandpa would be so excited - as we all are! He would love having a great-granddaughter too!

Congratulations to all of you.


bonnie said...

Congrats to both of you !
It will be a JOY to have another
little one in our family.

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