Friday, November 02, 2007

Remembering wounds

Today Jaxon, Nathan and I took part in a conversation that really got me thinking. It went a little something like this...

Jaxon has a scrape on his knee from a fall he took yesterday running into the library. Nathan asked him about it, not knowing the story, and Jaxon said, "I fell at the library." So Nathan asked me about it later. "Jaxon says he fell at the library."
"Yes" I responded and proceeded to tell how the fall took place. "Isn't it funny how he always remembers where he gets his owies."
"Don't we all," said Nathan flippantly.

The truth of this idea really struck me. It was simple but profound if you really let it sit with you. We do remember the places and people we receive wounds from. This leads us to be more cautious when we are in those situations or with those people again. Which is what Jaxon does. The next time we go to the library I am sure he will walk differently or at least be very aware of the potential there is for him to fall down and get a scrape. But the difference between Jaxon and most of us adults is that he will still walk through the courtyard to get to the library. The risk is worth it. Maybe he will ask me to carry him but his goal will be the same.

May we too be so brave. May we walk though there is risk of falling or getting hurt. May we be willing to allow someone to carry us if we can't manage the journey alone. May we go anyway.

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