Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The understory

This past Saturday I was awarded the opportunity to enjoy a kayaking trip and boat ride with my mom, Kim, and Luanne. The kayaking was so peaceful that I forgot I was only minutes from home. The informational boat ride, provided by the Conservancy, was a real eye opener to the development of Naples and how its effecting the natural surroundings. The guide told us stories about each tree type and plant and all of the animal life that migrate, nest, or live in the estuary throughout the year. One phrase I caught him saying was that our surroundings had an "understory." He was referencing the life unseen within the roots and river banks that exists and thrives without our awareness or acknowledgement but are crucial to the livelihood of our environment. The phrase stuck with me.

Like nature, people have an understory. There are things happening under the surface of our daily lives that go unseen. Yet they are an integral part of who we are and how we react to the "seen" parts of life.


Jordan & Bethany said...

I love that phrase! Sometimes I wish I knew what God was doing in my "understory," but I know He just asks me to trust Him.

Amanda said...

It just makes me think of underwear. :)

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