Monday, December 17, 2007

FL Christmas gift to ourselves

One of the benefits of living this far south in the tropical state of Florida is that we can go to Orlando and all of the theme parks whenever we want. This past week Nathan came home with the news that a friend of his (Lauren Melendez- thanks girl!) was in a show at the Magic Kingdom and wanted to give us free park hopper passes if we could come before Christmas. Basically that meant some time this past weekend as we are traveling to KY to spend Christmas with the Gaddis' this coming weekend. So we made arrangements for the dog and came up with a flexible plan to drive up Sunday morning and back home Sunday night. We even got my mom to be spontaneous with us! Although the weather tempted us to stay put (it was rainy) we made the 3.5 hour trek!

Jaxon met so many Disney characters and rode his first roller coaster with daddy (which he called the "bullet train.") He went on the It's A Small World boat tour twice and flew with Peter Pan through the Neverland tale. He ate popcorn and funnel cake and watched Mickey and pals defeat the evil queen from Snow White with the power of their dreams. He watched the castle light up and fireworks illuminate the sky while Jiminy Cricket the narrator reinforced the importance of belief and knowing that wishes really do come true. We ended the evening with a delectable meal at Wolfgang Pucks in downtown Disney and headed home. We were certainly tuckered out but so thankful for the impromptu family adventure. What a great time!

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