Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I accept the challenge

The other day on my husband's blog he challenged his readers to post their senior pictures alongside a current picture to see how much they had changed. It just so happens that my mom brought a box of pictures over to me last week from throughout my journey in life and I have my senior pic readily available to accept the challenge.

While Nathan's pic looks like he graduated high school in 1986 I am thinking mine still looks pretty modern. This picture was taken in 1996/1997 so 10 years ago.

You tell me...how have I changed?


Cherie <> said...

Hmm...I can think of nothing but "you've just matured." lol...You are gorgeous in both pics, you just look like a teenager in one and a woman in her 20s in the other :).

MOM said...

You are even more beautiful now. I really think so. Your face is thinner now and your arms were pretty thin then - can't tell if they were thinner from these pics. Your hair is darker now.

Jordan & Bethany said...

I agree with your mom's comments: and really you just look like an older, more mature version :) In a good way!

April said...

You have more light in your eyes now!

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