Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Impromptu Date night

Last night Nathan was given permission to miss a meeting they have every couple of months for new members and people wanting to learn more about the ministries in the church. I was so thankful that they recognized how much he has been away from home lately- not just for work but for the Living Christmas Tree performances of which he is the lead. Anyway, we took advantage of the night, called my mom and went on a date! We only get to do that every couple of months so they are so precious to us. This time around we opted for some quick Chinese food and a movie. So many people have been telling us to see August Rush so that is exactly what we went to see. It was a GREAT movie! Although it was slightly unbelievable in parts, if you can dismiss your inner cynic once or twice, it is really a beautiful story. It is based on the idea that music is something you feel and it lives in you like a moving, breathing spirit that connects people. Definitely an idea that both Nathan and I buy into since our lives are based in and around the art of music. Overall it was a great night with my amazing husband! I love those little moments together when Nathan and I get a chance to take a break and be friends and just hang out with each other. Thank You Lord, I am grateful.

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Cherie <> said...

I'm so glad you guys got to have a night out. I can't imagine how crazy life must be for you guys right now! I was wondering how good that movie was. I've been wanting to see it so bad since I saw the first preview for it! The movies are SO expensive here though and it wasn't on at a time I could make it when my sister and I went to the movies on Friday night. So we saw Enchanted instead, which was cute but most definitely a chick-flick! :) Anyways, that's all. See you guys at church soon :).

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