Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I have been reading the Message version of the Bible for a couple of years now. I love the way Eugene Peterson has written introductions to all of the different books and sections of the Bible. They too posses much wisdom and imagery that help to articulate aspects of the Christian walk. Here is an excerpt from the intro to Philemon:

"Every movement we make in response to God has a ripple effect, touching family, neighbors, friends, community. Belief in God alters our language. Love of God affects daily relationships. Hope in God enters into our work. Also their opposites- unbelief, indifference, and despair. None of these movements and responses, beliefs and prayers, gestures and searches, can be confined to the soul. They spill out and make history. If they don't, they are under suspicion of being fantasies at best, hypocrisies at worst."

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Aunt Bonnie said...

Great summary! Our own spirits are part of this ripple effect as well.
What makes you smile or frown?

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