Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Is this called potty training?

Jaxon has not been ready to start potty training like some of the children his age. He loves to flush toilets and play with toilet paper but is not interested in testing out the porcelain seat for himself. Until about a week or so ago. All of a sudden he started asking me to go to the potty. I took him in there and he sat on the seat backwards and dreamed of what the M&M's would taste like if he could only get a tinkle going. Nothing happened for over 45 minutes. Needless to say my patience was worn down and I was frustrated. Then one day he told Nathan he wanted to go shooshie (poop). He managed to get a small turd out and was handsomely rewarded. Of course he still messed big time in the diaper we placed on him right afterward. Then a few times while my mom was watching him he would inform her of his coming pee and they would make it to the bathroom in time to catch a few dribbles in the pot.

Today I finally got the satisfaction of seeing my little man do his potty thing. He climbed up, pushed hard and there it was...a little tinkle. I was so proud. He rushed to the candy jar and picked out 4 jelly beans. It was quite the moment.

I guess this is what they call potty training? Weird.

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Carly O'Quinn said...

You are doing it the right way! I let my parents pressure me with lines like, "You were potty trained by this age". I think that pushing kids to do it before they are ready will only prolong the experience for you. Waiting for them to show interest is definitely the first step and then your job is simply to encourage and have patience :o)

We're right in the middle of this with our 2.5 year old, Rory and it's quite difficult to have to take him when I've got a basket full of groceries and I'm on the other side of the store and have to do my hurried pregnant waddle with him and his 5 year old sister to the restroom. It's hard!!! But stay consistent and he'll catch on.

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