Monday, December 10, 2007

Jaxon's new bag of tricks

Jaxon has been adding to his repetuoire of cute things in his personality so I thought I might share some of them with you.

1. Christmas lights. My son is obsessed with looking at Christmas lights. Every store we go into he will stand by the trees the entire time in complete awe. Every night he wants to take a tour of the neighborhood and look at the outside decorations even though there really isn't all that much to see around here. Everywhere we drive he talks about how they are on the palm trees and how we have to wait until it gets dark to really see them all lit up. Its great that he is so fascinated but it does wear on me after awhile. It can be the difference between running into a store to grab something and standing by a fake tree with plastic ornaments for an hour. You just never know.

2. Song writing. One of Jaxon's favorite things about his daddy is that he makes up little songs about everything. From changing a diaper to taking a bath, it is all worth singing about. Well today I realized how much he enjoys that little addition to his day when he asked me to sing the Subway (the sandwich shop) song (which I had to call daddy and find out how it went so as not to disappoint him with the wrong words.) Afterward we went and got some ice cream and I heard Jaxon kind of mumbling a song. I asked him to sing louder so that I could hear and enjoy the song with him. He did and this is basically how it went...
"Mommy ate all her ice cream. Hers has chocolate in it but mine is raspberry. It is sunny today and there is a Christmas tree over there with lots of different colored ornaments. That man has coffee and I am eating ice cream." And so on...He was making up a song about what was happening around us for the next 10 minutes. It was so great!

3. Football. He loves to tackle his stuffed animals on a bed of couch cushions at the cue of "down...set... hike, hike, hike." Its so funny. Today he asked me if I wanted to watch football with him but I had to tell him there wouldn't be another game on until this evening. So we created our own in the living room.

4. Helping out. Jaxon has become quite the little helper. From retrieving misc items around the house to bring into the kitchen for mommy to wash to picking up a spray bottle and rag and pretending to clean right along side me. He likes to carry the dog poop bag in from a walk with Bailey and throw it in the trash. He also likes to turn on the light for you, close the door when necessary, and even flush the toilet without you asking (not that you would but he loves doing it after someone goes potty). He is all about doing things for himself most of the time now and gets frustrated if you start to do things for him that he knows he is capable of. Now if only I could get him to dress himself.

5. He remembers everything. I can't say, "hang on Jaxon I am checking my email," without him repeating it to a guest later on as he re-inacts me typing something out on the computer. If you say you will help him with something or give him something and for any reason you forget, he will remind you of your promise until it has been followed through with. He sticks to patterns like an OCD child and can always tell you what comes next if you ever forget or even try to change things up on him. Makes for some interesting times to say the least.


MOM said...

Intelligence, good looks, creativity, athletic, helpful - he is such a blessing. I am NOT biased AT ALL

Grandma Gigi

bonnie said...

Every child becomes a shadow of their parent. You will see both of you in Jaxon as he grows. He is certainly developing his personality and being quite creative. Does he want a microphone for Christmas?

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