Sunday, December 09, 2007

Thought association

Last week I was challenged in youth group to read my Bible more consistently. I used to be pretty good at it until I got pregnant and lost 80% of my brain capacity and function. I can hardly hold a gallon of tea without dropping it on some days (that is not an exaggeration). Anyway, I used to read several books at a time while keeping up with the house work, Jaxon's needs and time with Nathan but not the last 6 months. This pregnancy has placed me in quite a funk. I never checked on my Fantasy Football team which led me to lose pretty much every game b/c inevitably I would play someone on the injured list or on a bye week. It was ridiculous.

So I came up with a plan. Whenever I think about posting a new blog or checking my Google reader to see how the rest of you are doing, I go to my Bible instead. For some reason I feel drawn toward the computer before the Word so I decided to associate my thought of blogs to the action of reading the Bible. The last few days it has worked well. Gotta do what I can!

What fills your empty spaces and keep you from diving into the Word?


Cherie <> said...

I have to admit I have the same problem with the Internet. It becomes such an addiction to check on this site or look at that site, etc and I come to Tuesday night realizing I haven't done a single day of my Bible study for Wednesday night and I haven't read my Bible outside of church all week. I really struggle with turning away from the computer, even when I have to go to bed early to get up for work on time the next morning (which is sometimes 4:30am!). Maybe we can help keep each other accountable for this? I know that's part of my problem too, is just no one is there to remind me to do it or check up on me. I would love to have that person, how about you?

MOM said...

I have developed the pleasant habit of reading my "read the Bible in one year" Bible every morning over my bowl of oatmeal. Of course, that is usually just on weekdays and because my life is quieter right now ... But it is an enriching way to start my day and I enjoy it. I confess to being easily swayed to computer games and other books at other times of the day. Isn't that interesting how Satan works on us - just steadily undermining our closeness to the Word.

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