Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby Update

Well I am 28.5 weeks along and of course, true to personality, ready to be done with this pregnancy junk. I feel like a weeble wobble that is about to fall down. I don't sleep much, my back hurts, I get the crap kicked out of me from the inside out by a two or three pound gymnast (or so it feels) and I am thirsty constantly. I know, where are the violins? Anyway, at my appointment the other day they said I was measuring perfectly and her heart rate was right in the middle of "normal" so I have nothing to complain about right?! They scheduled my Csection for March 27th at 7:15 in the morning so that ought to be a fun way to start my day.

The room is painted and has new carpet but no furniture since we borrowed everything when Jaxon was born and had to return it. So we are basically starting from scratch other than a lot of boy clothes and burp cloths.

If you feel led to get us a gift we are registered at Target and Pottery Barn Kids. The church is throwing a baby shower for us in February so that will definitely get us off to good start too. Other than that its just more waiting and more wobbling.


Carly O'Quinn said...

From one weeble wobble to another...hang in there! I am six weeks from my due date and it feels like FOREVER.

You're getting the violins from Houston, Tx if it makes you feel any better :o)

You sure do look cute preggers!

Jordan said...

You should schedule your Csection for March 28th instead, cuz that's my birthday ;-)

Glad to see you're doing well!! Miss you guys!!!

bonnie said...

You look great !

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