Thursday, January 03, 2008


The other day Jaxon invited me to go with him somewhere by saying, "Come on mommy. Let's go!" When I asked where we were headed he sweetly replied, "To Phoenix. I want to see Bobo." My heart melted.

If you don't know this already, my step dad Bob (AKA Bob- O) has been working in Phoenix Arizona for the past 2 1/2 months because he hasn't been able to find any work locally (in Naples, FL). If things continue as they are, my mom will be joining him there in a few months.

I still hold out hope that somehow he will be able to find some work closer to home so that we can all be together again. But until then I am launching the "Bring Bob Home campaign!" Inspired by the sign pictured below we passed while shopping the other day.

My goal is to have everyone who reads this go to bat for our family and spread the word of this situation. If you live elsewhere you can get involved by thinking of people you know in FL that might have some work for him. Or if you don't know anyone living down here then start praying. Pray that something will open up for Bob as soon as possible so that he can come home to his wife (my mom) and us, his ever-growing family. If you live in the area think about your resources. Do they have worker needs? Could you connect Bob with them somehow just to see what the outcome may be? Do you yourself have something he could do for your business? Then let me know and I will pass along the opportunity. Also, you locals can pray! The more people we get involved the more the possibilities will appear so join alongside of us and get thinking, praying and connecting.

I am anxious to see what God has planned! Join the "Bring Bob Home campaign" today!


MOM said...

Bob and I are ready for him to come home ... and we are blessed by your love and concern. With all these prayers, something is bound to happen soon.

bonnie said...

What is his speciality?

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