Thursday, January 31, 2008


My poor son. The last few days have been full of 2, almost 3, year old disappointments. Its hard to handle when they look forward to something that doesn't end up happening at his age. It made me face the reality that its hard to handle when things you look forward to don't end up happening at any age.

Yesterday we were suppose to spend some time at a friends house we rarely get to see but the mom got sick and cancelled. Then later that afternoon I told him he was going to play at a friends house instead of going to the nursery (which he struggles in on Wednesday nights when I work with the youth). One of the girls in that family wasn't feeling well either and we had to change plans again. I decided I couldn't take him to the nursery after telling him I wasn't going to so I just stopped by the youth building with Jax in tow and then headed out once it got started so that I didn't distract anyone. Instead we snagged some Pei Wei for dinner, got some ice cream, and watched a Veggie Tales video about how little guys can do big things too. Then this morning I found out that none of our three friends were going to be at library time (which we attend each week) for the second week in a row. Last week when we went alone he was really bummed that none of his friends were in there with him so I didn't feel like fighting that battle again today. So all in all, the poor kid has been feeling like mommy is lying to him a lot lately b/c everything I have told him we will do, we don't. Its hard on both sides I think.

So what are the replacement plans today? The bank, the grocery store and some time at the pool I think. That is if I can get him out of the kitchen sink before lunch time.

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bonnie said...

You could try reading together a book for young children at the library called "Germs Make Me Sick" and relate it to this time of year and what has been happening to his friends. Be sure to explain the friends will feel better after a few days and germs are like little "bugs".

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