Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys!!!

On this day 3 years ago my little twin nephews were born. Their mom was only 28 weeks along (like I am now) and they came out weighing barely over 2 lbs. They fought the good fight and won. After months of being in the hospital they got to go home and begin their journey of being normal little boys. Today they are the coolest kids ever.

Drew is so protective of his toys, especially cars, and is surely the most rough and tumble of the group.
Grayson is a softy with the most hysterical facial expressions I have ever seen a toddler make. Both are such a joy to be around and today I wish I could be with them in Texas to celebrate their 3 years on this planet as healthy, beautiful baby boys.
But instead I must blog my birthday message:
I love you guys! Happy Birthday Drew and Grayson!

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