Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looking back

Ok taking a look back at Christmas I am overwhelmed with how well everything went. The 15 hour (one way) drive to and from KY went off without any major hitches or breakdowns which clinched the holiday enjoyment for us. I made out like a bandit in great gifts and was inundated with love from family and friends on all sides. It was wonderful.

I am hoping that in the coming new year I will be able to blog more with my new Mac book. Oh wait! Have I failed to mention that I am now a Mac Book owner? Silly me.

Nathan gave me a sheet of paper with the words "this is waiting for you at home" on it typed out below a picture of a white Mac Book while we were in KY. I was so thrilled. It was perfect timing too as our home computer, on loan from the church, was crashing constantly and I couldn't get any work done let alone emails or blog postings. Anyway, now I am mobile and it has already proved itself worthy of my appreciation as I can work on things in various locations and anywhere in the house! (Insert the Hallelujah Chorus soundtrack here)

This year is off to a good start already.

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