Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Major Props

Remember a post a while back mentioning a slight (1 gallon) paint spill in what will be our new baby room? Well this morning it was finally taken care of.

On the day of the spill I called Lowes and asked them to replace our gallon of paint at no cost as it should not have popped open so easily when tipped over before it had even been used. You know how hard they usually hammer down the lids before you leave the store? Well this one was not sealed. Thus the spill. Anyway, it was a gamble but they were quick to be gracious and that afternoon I got a new free gallon of paint. I also filed a claim with their company while crossing my fingers that they might pitch in a few bucks for the carpet replacement that was going to have to take place as a result. After a few phone conversations with a guy at their claims department we narrowed the situation down to a minor faxing of a carpet replacement estimate and waiting to see what Lowes would be willing to do. Knowing that if we didn't get any financial help from Lowes we would not be able to afford an expensive carpet replacement on our own, we opted for the cheapest we could find. Ironically it was Home Depot. Their estimate was $411 and some change. We faxed the estimate forms over to the claims department of Lowes and prayed that we would hear something soon. A few days later I was opening the mail and I came across a letter from the claims department. This was it. I was fully expecting to see the words "we are sorry for your hassle but we do not take responsibility for your paint spill debacle." Or something like that. Instead I saw a check. In the amount box? The numbers weren't a sliver or a portion but the entire amount! I was bouncing up and down!

The gist of this story is that LOWES rocks and they know how to do business! They were willing to pay their competitor to fix a mistake they were partially at fault for. I am so grateful for how easy they made this process for me. I can assure you I will be a faithful customer of their stores for as long as I live! GOD BLESS YOU LOWES HOME IMPROVEMENT!!!

This morning Home Depot came in and replaced the carpet- which went amazingly smooth as well. What a team these two companies make.

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Kristine dB said...

Interestingly enough a similar thing happened with my parents. Mom was sitting on the couch one night and the wall light was flickering so as she got up to turn it off, the bulb fell out to the floor, with flames coming out as it fell. The fire got put out right away, but it left burn marks on the carpet. Amazingly enough, IKEA (where the light was from) was shocked and agreed to pay the deductible for new carpet. It's amazing what a pleasant request for something like this will do, as I'm sure companies aren't always so quick to deal with things like this if they get one of "those" customers! Glad to hear you got new carpet as well!

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