Saturday, January 26, 2008

Step one: Open book

This afternoon I finally found enough brain capacity to crack open my new book When I Don't Desire God: How to Fight For Joy. Although I know it will take me much longer to get through this one than it would usually take me to read it, I am thankful to have taken the first step. Here are some highlights:

"The truth and beauty and worth of God shine best from the lives of saints who are so satisfied in God they can suffer in the cause of love without murmuring. But some would say, 'That's not who I am. I don't have that kind of liberating, love-producing, risk-taking satisfaction in God. I desire comfort and security more that God.' Many say it with tears and trembling."

Bold quotes taken from C.S. Lewis passages:
"Pleasures are shafts of glory."

"Make every pleasure into a channel of adoration."

"One's mind must run back up the sunbeam to the sun."

"A perfect man would never act from a sense of duty; he'd always want the right thing more than the wrong one. Duty is only a substitute for love (of God and of other people), like a crutch, which is a substitute for a leg. Most of us need the crutch at times; but of course it's idiotic to use the crutch when our own leg (our own loves, tastes, habits, etc.) can do the journey on their own."

This book will not be "psychological icing on the cake of already superficial Christianity."

"When addressing the question, 'What should I do if I don't desire God?' I am addressing the question: 'How can I obtain or recover a joy in Christ that is so deep and so strong that it will free me from bondage to Western comforts and security, and will impel me into sacrifices of mercy and missions, and will sustain me in the face of martyrdom?'"

Looks like this will be a good one...

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