Saturday, February 02, 2008

Baby Shower #1

Today was my first, of two, baby showers. It was awesome! My girls made the day so special for me and truly made me feel so loved and cared about just through their presence there. Having girlie girls for friends always helps in situations like these (having a baby girl). I will have many mentors to look to for advice when I start wanting to pull my hair out from all the girl drama.

This party was put together by my buds Betsy and Tara.
Betsy (on the right) is a genius when it comes to decorating (a home or for a party) and is crazy creative when it comes to fashion, jewelry, and cake. Look at this masterpiece.
The alphabet blocks made of icing spelled out Jovie Capri. It was so special. We sat down for a great lunch complete with chicken salad sandwiches, some pasta salad like thing, and fruit with punch or tea to wash it all down. Then we dove into the cake to discover the pistachio flavored sweetness! Then it was present time. I got hooked up! I opened bag after bag of amazing gifts from so many of my friends. We now have dresses, onesies, diapers, a changing pad, a boppy cover, a swim suit, the softest blanket ever, a sit up chair thingy, all of our crib bedding and a crib! Yeah Jovie finally has a bed! I can't wait to put it together and get that room finally looking like a baby's living space instead of Jaxon's jam session room.

All in all, it was a perfect time with my friends. I truly feel so blessed to be surrounded by such loving people who love me just the way I am.

Its finally starting to sink in....I am having a baby.

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