Monday, February 11, 2008

Compassion in Uganda

150x200_uganda_2 Compassion International has consistently used the platform of musicians and artist on tours to get the word out about what the need for sponsors of kids in other countries. Now, seeing the huge base of people bloggers have access to everyday, they have put together a trip of 16 influential bloggers who will be traveling to Uganda and sharing their entire experience to encourage people to sponsor a child.

So check out the list of bloggers here in order to keep up with all that is going on over there. If you are intimidated by that list then take a look at 5 of the folks that I know and love that are involved in the trip.

Heather Whittaker
Carlos Whittaker
Randy Elrod
Chris Elrod
Shaun Groves

The next step is easy: Sponsor a child. Their goal is 500 children amongst all of the blogs involved so go and be a part of that. It's only $32 a month. You can handle it!

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