Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Re:Create Day #1 Part 1

The day started out well with a good night’s sleep (that is relative mind you) from 11pm-7:30am. I woke up every hour of course but when my eyes were closed, I was getting rest! Then I stopped by the café in the lobby of our hotel and grabbed a bagel and a water and headed over to the room we were meeting for worship. It was led by Vicky Beeching, originally from England but has been living in Nashville for the past 4 years as a music missionary. She was amazing! Her voice is a cross between Natasha Bettingfield and Sandra McCracken. She has a beautiful song called Above All Else that really spoke to me. Her prayers were so powerful: that our generation would seek Him and have encounters with God not because of good coffee or singable songs but because God has reached out to us through Christ and should be glorified. She also talked about how worship is creating an opening for God’s glory to come in, its an invitation for the presence of God. It was really an awesome time.

After worship we heard from one of our conference sponsors, the creators of a new movie called Fireproof. It’s the same people that put out Facing the Giants that have been led to put out a movie in August/September of this year dealing with the battles we face in the context of marriage. They showed a trailer, and a few scenes from the film and it looks amazing. It touches on so many of the issues that marriages within the church are not just dealing with but struggling with (IE pornography, lack of respect and love etc). It excites me because within the work our small group at home has been called to in restoring the covenant of marriage this could be an incredible resource. I plan on sharing the coming flick with our pastoral counselor at FBCN so that marriages in our church and in our community will stop dying or merely surviving but start thriving.

Our first official speaker of the day is Jon Tyson. Nathan and I actually got the privilege of hearing this pastor while in New York back in October when we stepped into their Sunday evening service at Origins Church. More to come from that later…

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