Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Re:Create Day #2

Today was a beautiful but emotional day for me. It started out with some powerful worship led by Michael Olson. There is just something electrifying about surrounding yourself with passionate worshipers and singing your guts out to God together. It has brought tears of joy and a sense of community to me each day we have been here. I love these people!

Then I opted to take part in the spouses schedule of plans and sat in with the ladies in the presidential suite listening to the life and love story of Anna Redman. She works in the music industry and has been married to one of the members of the Christian group Big Daddy Weave for over 6 years. To summarize our time with her feels shallow but necessary to preserve the intimate details of a woman's heart. Basically she shared her journey toward the truth that God is the only prince of our love story (not our husbands). How, as women, we try to live under or define ourselves by, many labels that pass away (IE athlete, prom queen, brainy one, twin, wife, mother etc) but we are called to live under only one label and that is one that lasts an eternity: Child of God. So much of her story resonated in my own heart and I was encouraged to not feel so alone in some of the struggles I have had the past few years. Overall it was sweet time of tears and a recalibration of priorities and focus in my own heart.

Then came lunch with my hubby and the gang. Today we were catered "build your own" sandwiches with potato cheese soup and delicious cookies! It is actually cold today so the soup was a nice treat.

Then I ditched the Re:create schedule for some quality time and coffee with one of my best friends from college Brad Ramsey. I love this guy! We had an amazing time of catching up together. He truly is one of the most Christ like people I know and I am so blessed to call him my friend. So many times I have deserved his cold shoulder over the past 8 years of knowing him and to this day, he has never shown anything but his warm heart. I only wish we lived closer to each other. He is such a beloved asset to me.

Short on time I had to hustle back to the hotel to catch the bus for a mystery trip before dinner. We were taken to the Lane Motor Museum. This building was a display case for unique and antique cars made all over the world from the 1900's to today. It was really cool! A professor from a local design school led us in some exercises where we were challenged to see beyond the function and into the beauty of each make and model. We walked around and answered a series of questions that would draw us closer to the true creativity and art within each vehicle. It was really neat.

I managed to squeeze in a phone call to my baby boy while we there too. Apparently he woke up from his nap crying for me, which both breaks and warms my heart at the thought of. I miss my little man. Thankfully I am blessed to have incredible in laws that take a week out of their year to spoil him rotten and pour their love into his little heart while we are being poured into here. Thanks MamaJ and doctor Bob. They tell me he has started a potty chart where he gets stickers for going on the toilet instead of jelly beans- Brilliant! That will have to carry on when we get home- looks like I need to get creative!

After the Museum we went to a little chapel somewhere in downtown Nashville for another songwriters night and catered dinner. I ate the salad, chicken, and bread with black forest and cherry pudding for dessert. I also splurged on a Sprite instead of water: its the only caffeine free coke they had. The music was plentiful with 15 songwriters sharing their newest stuff with us. There was so much variety and we all walked away with a different "favorite" song from the night. Just goes to show, to each his own still rings true.

I was wiped out from all the tears and events of the day so when we got back to the hotel I crashed. One more day of the conference...stay tuned.

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Carly O'Quinn said...

I have really enjoyed getting to read all about your and Nathan's time at this conference. I'm jealous that you're back in Nashville and of the great experiences it sounds like you're both having.

Anna Redmon is a good friend of mine and she truly is amazing. So cool that she got to share her heart and that you were there to be ministered by it.

How's your pregnancy treating you?

Happy anniversary, you guys!

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