Thursday, February 07, 2008

Re:Create Day #3

I woke up around 5:45am and decided to take on the morning slowly. Its not often I have that option so I was going to take advantage of it today. I tried to lay in bed as long as I could, an hour, but eventually I got up and grabbed my Macbook. I sat in a chair in the corner, in the dark where I was able to catch up on my blog postings from the last few days before Nathan even woke up. Around 8am He got dressed and headed down for worship and "a word from our sponsor" while I took a shower, snagged some breakfast and slowly got myself into the swing of the day's schedule. That was nice.

I got there just in time for our surprise guest of the morning, Mark Stewart, the lead singer of Audio Adrenaline. He shared with us about their ministry called Hands and Feet Project in Haiti. It sounds exactly like Watoto that I served with in Uganda but instead in Haiti. If you want to check out more about it go here! Sounds amazing!

Then we were treated to one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. Not only did we get to watch but we were ministered to by The Jesus Painter, Mike Lewis. He did three paintings over the course of an hour while we had communion and listened to soothing guitar worship songs by Mark Roach. Its really hard to describe to you what this time was like for all of us. Each painting told a story as it was laid out before our very eyes. Each story took shape and color and eventually morphed into the face of Jesus. One of the paintings had a splash of blue paint dropping from his eye that looked like he was weeping. Another had a scar from the nail in his hand that dripped with red to look like his blood. It was emotional and moving and so many words that cannot even come close to describing this silent time.

As if that weren't enough to capture our hearts for the day we were then given the gift of one of my favorite speakers, Ken Davis. Although he is a comedian at heart, he shared many sides of himself with us today. He was vulnerable, funny, poignant, insightful and so entertaining. You went from gut wrenching laughter into tears in a seconds notice all because of his willingness to be real with us. His talk included 3 opportunities that he begs all of us not to pass up.

1. The opportunity to be the best (mom, dad, husband, wife etc) that God has called us to be. He explained that this one in particular is one of those windows of opportunity that opens for a time but then shuts closed never to be given the chance to experience again.
- We shouldn't just take our children WITH US, but we should be willing to go WITH THEM places too.
- There isn't a career worth selling your family for.
- We have substituted blogs and websites and emails for intimacy.

2. The opportunity to see in front of you the ministry and career God has for you. Don't just spend your life reaching for the brass ring!
- Give all your heart to what God has for you now.
- When you are focused on what God has for YOU, then you are able to celebrate other people's "success".
- The success you are seeking is not in the hands of the people you are looking to to provide it. Its in God's hands.

3. The opportunity to have the relationship with God that He wants to have with you.
- He wants intimacy, honesty, openness and dependence on Him.

The entire morning was powerful. Running short on time we were then instructed to grab our warmest clothing and some good walking shoes for our next surprise field trip. We ate sack lunches on the bus and drove about an hour south to Smyrna, TN where we were dropped of next to a creek bed and told we were going on a hay ride up the road. Once we got there we figured out that we were on the property where Kalein would soon be inspiring and training the future culture shapers for the Kingdom through the arts. This is going to be an artist development center that God has placed on the heart of Randy Elrod, leader of this conference, and has since begun the process of developing. We got to hike around the grounds which provided us with so much fresh air and inspiring beauty. We saw horses and llamas (or Alpacas) and several dogs that all came from who knows where. It was surreal. We gathered around a huge bonfire for Randy to share the vision God has laid on his heart for the place and to take part in a Native American grounds blessing and dance ceremony. It was very cool. It ended after the sun went down so we were all chilled and ready to board the buses for the 1 hour drive back into town for our last dinner.

We pulled up to Crossroads Church in Franklin, TN for some lasagna and song writing entertainment by Word recording artists. It had been a long day of non stop events and all of us were tired so we shuffled onto the buses, hugged both our friends from years past and our new comrades of this year before heading to bed at the hotel.What a great year at Re:create.

Big day tomorrow for Nathan and I so check back to see what surprises we have up our sleeves for each other. I am in charge of the first half of the day while Nathan has planned our evening. Ought to be fun! See you on the other side.

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kim said...

Hi there. I didn't have the chance to meet you this week at re:create. But I'm enjoying reading your blog. I've linked to your entries b/c you have such great descriptions of what happened each day. Happy anniversary and happy re-entry-into-normal-life!

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