Friday, February 15, 2008

Sponsored child

I would like you to meet Akinyii Esther. She is 5 years old and lives in Uganda, Africa with her parents and 6 brothers and sisters. She loves volleyball, singing and telling stories.

We should be getting a packet with more information in a few weeks including the stuff we need to start writing letters to her. I am so excited! I can't imagine what joy it will be to get our first note or a picture drawn by her in the mail. Wow! This is powerful stuff and I have just started.

SPONSOR A CHILD YOURSELF. It's easy and an instant blessing. I will keep you posted.


MOM said...

Congratulations! Your family keeps growing..........

Greg said...

Great job - we sponsor a young boy at Watoto (Subbi)and it's always a thrill hear from him.

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