Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Having gotten married before and after being pregnant twice, I have had a little experience with gift showers. One of the tips that I got this time around that has already saved me tons of time I feel I ought to pass along to all of you.

One of the dreaded parts of gift showers is the Thank You cards you send out afterward. You must be sure to mention the exact item that person bought and sharing your gratitude for every plate or onesie (depending on what kind of shower it is) in some unique way. The hardest part is collecting the addresses for all of the antendees/gift givers. But I have a solution for you.

First pre-buy your Thank you cards. Second open them and take out all of the envelopes. Next take them with you to the gift shower. As guests arrive and drop off their packages have them fill out an envelope and place it in a nearby basket. Then when it comes time to send them out, they are already addressed for you.

Not only does this save tons of time, you can kind of freak them out by sending them a card in the mail with their own writing on it. (Well at least it weirded me out when I got a letter from myself but then again I didn't grow up in a youth group that had me send those "goals" letters to yourself years after you wrote them.)

Anyway, a few people mentioned what a good idea that was so I thought more people should know about this nifty little time saving tip! Hope it helps!

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mereimage said...

Oh... I thought this was something different. I've been having a hard time getting around in the shower lately! But I've a great idea to pass around now. ;-)

Randy said...

Thnaks so much for joining me 'round the watercooler today. Great practical idea for showers. i have to admit when I saw the title, i thought it was the other kind of shower as well.

Miss you!


Urban Cottage said...

Great tip! I'm going to remember that for my friends since I'm past all that (I think). I wanted to let you know I've started my own blog and I have you as a link. Check out my blog at and if you like what you see you can link me!

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