Thursday, March 20, 2008

Biggest Loser question

Ok so for some reason I am a Biggest Loser fan. I can remember when the show was first coming out I thought 'how cruel to put overweight people on TV and make an entire show about them based on the term loser.' But after I saw my first episode and balled my eyes out at the changes these people were making for themselves, I was hooked. I have watched every season since. Although I don't always have people picked out to win the whole thing, I enjoy watching their progress and transitions both physically and mentally. There are some major cheesy moments (especially this season) but looking past that, it is quite inspiring.

So all that to say, I was asked not too long ago if I were ever on The Biggest Loser which trainer I would want. I thought that would be a fun question to ask you guys too. So, who would it be? Of all the trainers that have been on the show, who would you pick as your trainer if you had the choice? And why? Here are your 3 options:

Bob Harper

Best known for working miracles on the hit NBC show the Biggest Loser, personal trainer Bob Harper is one of the most in-demand fitness experts, recognized around the world. He uses internal motivation and life counseling as inspiration for his clients, incorporating mind, spirit, and body.

Jillian Michaels

As the tough trainer on television's the Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels's tenacious attitude stems from 17 years of martial arts practice. Jillian struggled
with weight during her younger years.

It's difficult to be overweight as a teenager, and to fight the fat, Jillian got involved in the martial arts. With seventeen years of practicing martial arts and thirteen years of personal training under her belt, Jillian's passion for fitness is self-evident. Jillian's strategy for whipping her clients into shape is to create a workout routine that combines kickboxing, yoga, Pilates, plyometrics, weights, and other strength training. As a result of her own struggle with weight loss, Jillian serves as an empathetic ear to her clients as well as an inspiration. Jillian has changed many lives on the Biggest Loser, helping overweight individuals achieve their weight loss goals.

Kim Lyons

The Biggest Loser's newest trainer Kim Lyons, has been physically active and a competitive athlete her entire life. She ran track, played softball, and participated in cheerleading. Her father was in the Air Force, so as her family moved year after year, she relied on her friendly personality and smile to make new friends. She continues to use her positive attitude to encourage others to see success and reach their fitness goals. Kim tries to make fitness fun for her clients. Kim competes in the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Pro competitions and inspires others with her athletic ability and winning attitude at amateur competitions, fitness expos, and on the hit NBC series the Biggest Loser.

My choice: Jillian. She would kick my butt! Although I love Bob, there are times I need some one to piss me off to get me to my fullest potential physically and I think she would do that often and I would have more results.

Your turn- leave a comment with your choice and reason for picking them.

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