Friday, March 14, 2008

BLG Baby Shower

Last SAT night the 10th grade girls I teach surprised me with a baby shower in our room. It was so cute! They were wearing pink shirts with puffy paint sayings like " Go Team Jovie" and "It's a Girl!" etc. The room was decked out in pink and white streamers and balloons. There was a table full of food they cooked- ravioli's, fettuccine, salad, garlic bread and best of all...a cookie cake that said, "Congrats Nathan and Bethany" with a big diaper made of frosting drawn on it. They put together games and even showered me with gifts. Some were bought while one of them was a handmade blanket by one of the girls-so cool! It was awesome! I am so blessed to have such an incredible group of girls to serve and love on!

After a while all of the girls from my class walked around in our room with balloons in their shirts trying to see how hard it would be to do things as a prego person. Many of them complained the whole time that it was too hard to sit down and get back up, pick things up etc while one of them was fascinated by the fact she could rest her plate on her stomach and eat from there. It was quite comical.

I did get made fun of though by the other leaders when they saw how my girls all left our bible study looking knocked up. What is she teaching in there???

Anyway, I love you ladies! Thanks for showering me with your love and support- it means more than you will ever know.

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