Monday, March 17, 2008

Dave Ramsey would be proud

Early in our marriage Nathan and I took a course called "Financial Peace University" based on the teachings of Dave Ramsey. Making financial decisions is typically a source of tension between couples but we have been lucky to bypass that based on what we learned in this class. Anyway, when we want to buy something that isn't very practical, we budget and save for it. Most of the time we lose interest and never purchase it. But a few months ago Nathan and I were talking about how we only have one camera and its the Nikon D80 I use professionally. Its not exactly something you can just toss in your purse on the way out the door. We also don't have a video camera and as our new baby's birth is just around the corner, we were getting nervous about missing the moments on video too. So we registered for a digital camera and a video camera. Although the church staff pitched in for the video camera (THANKS GUYS) we haven't gotten it delivered to us yet. So just in case we don't get it in time, we decided to go and purchase our own hand held digital camera- specifically the Cannon SD750. So in Financial Peace fashion we looked at our budget and saw that there simply wasn't an extra $200 to spare in our payment of things. So Nathan went to work, and gathered all of his blow money that he had been saving for tennis shoes (he only gets $25 a month) and counted up $35. Then he found one check from a vocal lesson worth $30. Lastly he went to town on the change in our car ashtrays, Jaxon's hippo piggy bank, and a jar of pocket change in our room. We took it all into one of those change counting machines at the grocery store and walked out with $170. Isn't that amazing!? $115 worth of change just laying around. With all the hard work he was putting in toward the camera I agreed to pay the difference with money from the Perspective Photography account. So we drove over to Best Buy and picked up a new camera.

Anyway, that whole story to say, Dave Ramsey would be proud. We only "spent" $50 on a new digital camera with a video option feature. I am so proud!


Nathan said...

I didn't steal from my baby boy on purpose! I totally forgot that his money was now in our jar since he broke his piggy bank! I didn't rob him on purpose! I'm not a bad father!! I promise!! :-)

Pat Callahan said...

Great job! Dave Ramsay would be proud, indeed. Dave was a lifesaver for us. We put his stuff into practice and now are debt free (we haven't called into the show and done the whole "I'm debt free!" deal, though...).

Anyway, I have the 750 and love it. It's such a a great camera.


Bethany Gaddis said...

I didn't say you stole anything from Jaxon. Calm down babe! You are a wonderful dad!

Dawn Marie said...

I'm just taking FPU now. It IS awesome. You SHOULD be proud of yourselves!!! YAY Gaddises!!!

bonnie said...

That is wonderful! The digital
camera could be ready at any time.
One suggestion: Put a jar with a lid on it in your kitchen and mark it with a label
"Extra Dough"
and put all your spare
change in it at the end of
each day or outing.
Can't wait to see the pictures!

Amanda said...

Way to go, guys! John and I survive on $25 every two weeks for blow money, and I've never been able to save more than a few dollars of it. And part of the reason is: Saturday morning breakfast! We need a camera, too. Maybe we'll copy off of you and buy the same one...but we'll put our name on it or something so we don't get mixed up. :)

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