Monday, March 24, 2008


Usually religious holidays become stressful for families on church staff (at least ours) but I was thankful to have a laid back, even-flowing Easter weekend this year.

The Good Friday service was amazing, led by Keith and Kristyn Getty taking us through Jesus' life story through song and scripture. Jaxon loved watching the orchestra but didn't quite understand that we didn't have to stand up every time the choir did. He was a little confused about why he did not get a cracker and some juice too when they passed around communion- so that was interesting to explain.

Then Saturday was a good day for Nathan and I- getting some "final touches" done on as many baby preparations as we can think of (we still feel like we are forgetting something really important.) Nathan led an inspiring service that night and I led my last 10th grade BLG class as I am taking a maternity leave for a few months.

Sunday rolled around and Jaxon and I spent the morning tackling couch cushions and blowing bubbles when around 11am my mom joined in and had a little "boat rowing" fun herself. (This consists of her and Jaxon sitting in a laundry basket scooting across the carpet while singing "Row, Row, Row your boat" and getting whiplashed.) Nathan got home from church around 12:30pm, just in time for the Easter bunny to leave 16 eggs full of jelly beans and gummy treats around the outside of our house and a basket of goodies on the counter complete with a new Veggie Tales DVD. We ate a delicious lunch and played with Jaxon's new gear until nap time when we caught up on TiVo shows while organizing more closets and drawers around the house. After Jaxon woke up we went to my mom's condo for some hot dogs, salsa and some fetch fun with Bailey in the backyard pond.

It was seamless and every second an enjoyable moment with my family.


MOM said...

It was indeed a blissful day ... family fun and relaxation, food... what a treat to share the day with your family

Amanda said...

Those are GREAT pictures!

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