Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How to pimp an invitation on a budget

So in honor of my son Jaxon's 3rd birthday I was planning to put together a "rockstar party." Most mom's go all out for this kind of thing but I try to keep it simple until he knows otherwise. I do however want to make this event special as it will take place on the last day he will ever know as an only child. I have to throw his birthday party a few days early this year b/c I might be in the hospital with his sister on the actual day he was born. Anyway, I searched around for cool guitar/band or rocked out invitations but all I could find was something with a 50's theme or something special ordered and expensive (in my book.) So I decided to get creative. I went and bought some plain invitations and then went to a craft store and in the scrap booking section I snagged some musical appliques and guitar sticky thingies that will emphasize the awesomness of this party to each invited guest. Its much cheaper and honestly, way cooler than anything I could find out there. So next time you can't find what you are looking it yourself!

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