Monday, March 03, 2008

I took a tumble

Last night I had my first scare of the pregnancy- pretty good I think for being less than 4 weeks to launch. I fell down the stairs. Not all of them, just a few.

Here is the story: I was walking down the steps to take my dog out and my foot landed on a ball, rolled off the stair and I fell onto my butt. I couldn't move and I yelled for Nathan. Of course he heroically lept to my aid and asked me all sorts of questions like, "What hurts?" and "Can you stand up?" I just sat there and cried and prayed that everything would be ok b/c at the moment I was in a lot of pain. My tail bone felt crushed and my lower back and hip were throbbing. I couldn't bare the thought that I might have caused something to happen to the baby. After about 10 minutes of Nathan looking at me helplessly and I just sitting there like a weeping statue, I resolved to try movement. Nathan came behind me and lifted me to my feet and although I felt really sore, I didn't feel like anything was seriously damaged. I stood there for awhile as the blood rushed to the many different areas and I waited to see what the results would be. I was going to be ok. I walked around a little to work out the kinks but other than being more uncomfortable than usual, which isn't saying much, I was fine. The first few hours of trying to sleep were difficult but the next morning I felt mobile again. Funny thing is, nothing hurts today other than my big toe and a scrape I managed to get somehow on my shin. Thank God I am walking around today with nothing more than a bruised ego and a swollen toe.

By the way, the ball on the steps was from a bowl of decorative balls made of sticks and seeds from our dining room table that Jaxon had been bowling with earlier that evening. Ahh, life with children is never dull.


Cherie <> said...

SO glad you and the baby are okay!!! What an aweful scare so close to Jovie making her grand entrance into the world! Praise God for His protection over you.

P.S.- Will you be at North Collier Hospital for the birth? I would love to come see you guys after Jovie is born!

MOM said...

How come I am just finding this out by reading your blog??????????????????????????????????????????????????

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